Never grow up

So I was babysitting the other day. Two little girls. And one fell asleep when we were watching Beauty and the Beast. Her little hands wrapped round my finger. Tale as old as time playing quietly in the background. So quiet in the world. Her little eyelids fluttering whilst she was dreaming. And when I [...]


I only bought this dress so you could take it off

I feel like we have had so many secret moments. The moments that no one else gets to see. The quick glances. Smirks and smiles across the room. The hand holding. The feeling of electricity when your hand touches mine. The secret moments in a crowded room. They've got no idea. Sure. They want us [...]

White Horse

"All I want is you. Do you love me? Yeah. Can you give me another chance?" Say you're sorry, that face of an angel comes out just when you need it to. As I pace back and forth all this time, because I honestly believed in you. How stupid I was. To believe in you, [...]

Look what you made me do (blog about you again)

A couple of months ago I was still "in love" with this guy. I'm eighteen so I had yet to realise that I wanted a relationship with him. And I also had yet to realise that all he wanted was a no fuss, no drama kiss at most. So even though our "relationship" was fully [...]

My life isn’t a Taylor Swift song (unfortunately)

I spend a lot of my time relating my life to Taylor Swift songs. And I can't decide if it's because I like to be able to feel something when I listen to her. Or if it's just because I like to be able to wallow in self pity. Either way I always seem to [...]