Hello November

I'm sat in bed at 11pm in my cropped sweatshirt and underwear. And the 1st day of November is nearly over. I'm tired and my period cramps are killing me. My hair needs a wash and I haven't packed yet and I'm going away at 7am on Friday. I'm irritated. And my sweatshirt says on [...]



How the hell do I do it How do I be happy For myself and for the people around me My friends all tell me I will be That I should be That I am and I just don't know it But why don't I frigging feel happy Because you hurt me And there isn't [...]

Best friends can break your heart too

What should I do with the framed photo I have of us on my shelf? What should I do with the photos all over my social media of us with captions of "I love you" and "She's my best friend" plastered all over them. What should I do when it's your birthday? Am I supposed [...]

How to know when you’re over someone

Hey guys. I hope you're all well. It feels weird to talk directly to you all. I've missed you. Anyway. My heart hurts today. That physical pain that kinda makes you want to ignore it, kinda makes you want to crawl in to bed and kinda makes you want to die. But I had to [...]

The love best friends share cannot be compared to anything

The love best friends share cannot be compared to anything. There is no love like it. A friendship can be sparked in a second; whether it's in a classroom or just in day to day life. Best friend love isn't something that's sparked by perfectly blue eyes or a fit body but simply laughing at [...]

We keep going in circles

"Circles, we’re going in circles. Dizzy’s all it makes us. We know where it takes us. We've been before closer. Maybe looking closer. There's more to discover. Find out what went wrong without blaming each other. Think that we got more time. When we’re falling behind. Gotta make up our minds. Or else we'll play, play, play [...]

It’s so heartbreaking to drift from the people you love the most

It's actually slightly heartbreaking, soul crushing, irritating to feel yourself drift away from people who you have been close to for years. I heard about this. From my older sister, from my parents, from anyone on the planet. That people move on, we drift from people and we meet new one's. And I'm not even [...]