Shall we just ruin the friendship?

On Friday I had the most terrifying realisation: whatever we have is exactly what I've always wanted, and you don't feel the same. You were driving me home with the windows down, it was freezing but the music was turned all the way up. And I decided I needed to kiss you goodnight. Once the [...]


Maybe they should be together

Regardless of her telling her friends she thinks he doesn't, she thinks he might like her. Hell. She thinks he might love her. But she is also 105% sure that he never lets anyone know what on earth he is thinking in that head of his. She wants to realise that she deserves better but [...]

Everyone has three hearts

"He said that everyone has three hearts. The first heart, that's the one you show to strangers. The second heart? Only your family gets to see that. Your family and friends and the person put on this Earth to walk by your side. Your soulmate. But that third heart is the thing. Never let anyone [...]

I’m always running late

I have always had a problem with timing. I'm just going to blame it on my actual entrance in to this world. I was two weeks late and even then my Mum had to be induced. Sorry Mum. I'd also like to blame it on my parents. When I was younger I honestly remember frantically [...]


How the hell do I do it How do I be happy For myself and for the people around me My friends all tell me I will be That I should be That I am and I just don't know it But why don't I frigging feel happy Because you hurt me And there isn't [...]

White Horse

"All I want is you. Do you love me? Yeah. Can you give me another chance?" Say you're sorry, that face of an angel comes out just when you need it to. As I pace back and forth all this time, because I honestly believed in you. How stupid I was. To believe in you, [...]