Forget how life is supposed to be

Forget about all the deadlines. The early morning starts. The running for the bus. The homework due in. The nine to five. The rush rush rush. Forget about all the things you have to run around and do in the day just to end exactly where you started. Back. In. Bed.

Forget about being who other people want you to be. The perfection. The beautiful. The smart. The dedicated. The obedient. The quiet. Forget about bending over backwards for people who don’t matter. Just. Be. You.

Forget about how love is meant to feel. Like a fairytale. The happily ever after. The warm hands intertwined. The intimate touching. Forget about chasing people who don’t actually give you what you deserve. Realise you won’t be alone forever. Hell. You’re not even alone now. Love at this age is usually temporary, unfulfilled, disappointing. And you know what? That. Is. Okay.

Forget about having to listen just because you’re a girl. Having to be a housewife. Cooking. Cleaning. Cutlery and dinner on the table ready. Forget about having to follow what people say a woman should do. You can do what you want and be who you want. Just. Do. It.

Forget about always needing to be right. We all make mistakes and that’s perfectly okay. Even if you don’t want to admit that. Forget about other people’s expectations of you, the only expectations that matter are your own. Forget stability and the way you’ve been told to do certain things. The way you’ve been told to follow a certain path or else you won’t find success. Go for that out of reach career. Reach until you get there. Because. You. Will.

Forget about being told you’re not good enough. That you don’t deserve anything. Love. Success. Joy. Forget about everyone else. With their perfect houses and monotony and empty faces, following all the rules. Forget the rules and the expectations. Dance barefoot in the garden whilst it’s raining. Cook food at 3am. Sip wine until your lips burn and brain spins. Laugh too loudly. Eat all the food on your plate and get more. Leave the job you hate. The one your Mum and Dad wanted you to reach for. Ignore everyone else and just do what you want to do. And tell yourself. All. Is. Well.

Forget about needing love to be happy. Pour your heart in to something other than a body. And if you do find someone magical. Someone you fall in love with. Then fall headfirst like you’re diving in to a pool like a fearless child who hasn’t yet learned to be afraid. Forget about your past. Forget about how the last person burned you and broke your heart and left. Forget the fear and just stand on the edge and jump. Think about everything you wish for and go for it. Forget about being safe. Because safe? Safe is a life that never moves. Just. Take. Risks.

Forget all the doubts that keep you up at night. Because doubt stops you from doing things you love. Things you are perfectly capable of doing. Forget about everything because your life is worth the battle you’re going through. You are worth the battle you’re going through. Forget what keeps you awake when the lights go down. When it’s the end of the day and it’s that game that you play. As you lay there alone in that big empty bed. With nothing but thoughts of him in your head. Instead of thinking of the things that you wish you could say. Just. Say. Them.

Forget about all the should’s and the what if’s and the maybe’s. Forget about all the foolish ghosts of your past. Forget about how life is supposed to be. How you wanted it to be when you were younger. Because you’re different now. Better. Older. Stronger. Smarter. Happier. Forget how you thought you would be. Because it’s okay that you’re just not “her”. Forget about everything you thought would have happened by now and don’t be disappointed that some just haven’t. You have a life. You are amazing. Successful. Good. Beautiful. So…. Just. Be. Happy.

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