The love best friends share cannot be compared to anything

The love best friends share cannot be compared to anything. There is no love like it. A friendship can be sparked in a second; whether it’s in a classroom or just in day to day life. Best friend love isn’t something that’s sparked by perfectly blue eyes or a fit body but simply laughing at the same things or catching each other eyes and knowing the same thought is running through both of your minds. Love between friends goes from 0-100 to a matter of a day. One day you’re strangers and the next you’re sending ugly snapchats, insulting each other, giving each other tough love and pouring your heart out over messenger.

I think it’s so beautiful how easy love is between friends. There’s no expectations and no need to spend 6 hours getting ready just to go grab food with them. No need to wear makeup on every date or  buy a salad when you really want pizza and two deserts. There’s no over analysing every text message because you can just be like “what are you trying to say” if you don’t understand them. No waiting a certain amount of time to reply to a message, no stress over how many messages you send.

From the start you can be so naturally yourself because they love you for you and you love them for them. And honestly there is just something so liberating and beautiful about that.

To click with someone who just gets you. Someone who becomes your biggest fan no matter what you do. Someone who wants to get to know all of you; even the gross and scary and unattractive and bad parts of you. Someone who will equally give parts of themselves back. Because you don’t have to force the friendship and you don’t have to worry if they just want to get in your knickers or ruin your life by messing you around. Because they aren’t an annoying love interest. They are just someone you love with your entire life and soul.

And you can binge watch chick flicks with them without feeling bad about staying in pyjamas all day. And you can eat a large pizza each and not feel an ounce of judgement. And you can facetime them with mascara running down your face and know they will be their to give amazing advice and also tell you how beautiful you are no matter what.

And you don’t have to stressed about being bloated or feeling fat because as soon as you walk up to meet them they are telling you how good you look. And you can turn to them when you are feeling annoyed or upset or angry and vent to them about the same thing over and over again without being told you are obsessing. (Even though let’s be honest you are obsessing.)

You can be brutally honest with each other and tell them things you know they don’t want to hear but because they need to hear it. And you can go to them and ask for help on what to wear and they will be honest and not try and sugar coat it. You can fight with them, say things in the heat of the moment and know that you’ll sort it out; you’ll be okay because your friendship is stronger than that. You can cool off for a few days and come back together and admit you are wrong without pride getting in the way or worrying you are going to break up. (But let’s be honest a few days means a few minutes because you miss them too much already.)

And you already know you will be able to survive the distance that will happen when she moves away for Uni. Because you know that texts and facetime will be enough even though you wish you could still see them everyday like you can now. And you don’t have to be jealous when they spend time with other people when you’re not there (even though you will be) because you know you will see them soon. And you don’t want them to be alone. And you hope that you will still be their number one because they will always be yours. And some days, your conversation will exist only of memes or emojis but you’ll both know exactly what the other is trying to say.

Other days you won’t say anything at all. But that’s okay because as soon as you catch up again it will be like nothing happened at all. That’s when you know you’ve met your person. When you can go days without speaking and it still be exactly the same when you reunite.

Your person will encourage the parts of you you’re afraid to let shine. And they will help you realise how amazing you are. They will make you want to be a better person because of how inspired you are by them. They will pick you up when you’re world is falling apart and they will be the one cheering you on.

Love with a best friend is like falling in love with yourself.

It’s finding someone who you love so much that you start to want to better yourself as a person. Because of how truly amazing they are. Because of how much you want to be like them. Because of how much you love spending time with them and being with them all the time.

It’s finding someone who gets the unedited, unfiltered, no push up bra, bare faced version of you. Who loves you and cherishes you and sees the beautiful part of you no matter what. And that’s what is so beautiful about meeting your person; that you know that as much as you love them and cherish them, they feel exactly the same about you.

So I’d like to say thank you to my person. (You know who you are.) For being there through disasters and breakups and makeups and arguments and laughter and everything in between. I love you with my entire heart and soul.


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