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27 things no one should feel bad about

1.Saying no.

2.Being in love with someone who doesn’t love us back.

3.Not texting people back.

4.Sleeping all day.

5.Not liking going out clubbing.

6.Having a good cry.

7.Eating a full pizza and still wanting desert.

8.Not going on a run or doing exercise.

9.Being “too fat” or “too skinny”.

10.Being a party animal.

11.Being dramatic.

12.Taking things too far.

13.Being powerful and taking no shit from people.

14.Sleeping with a lot of people.

15.Being a virgin.


17.Enjoying things that are “only” for the other gender.

18.Being homosexual or bisexual.

19.Being transgender.

20.Being religious.

21.Being unorganised and stressed.

22.Telling your friends you can’t afford to do something.

23.Telling your friends you don’t want to do something.

24.Not going to University.

25.Being in love.

26.Not having an answer.

27.Not liking the nice guy.


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