My life isn’t a Taylor Swift song (unfortunately)

I spend a lot of my time relating my life to Taylor Swift songs. And I can’t decide if it’s because I like to be able to feel something when I listen to her. Or if it’s just because I like to be able to wallow in self pity. Either way I always seem to be able to link my life to her songs in some way. And I’m not sure if that’s a good thing anymore.

Because just because you made me sad doesn’t mean “you’re the reason for the teardrops on my guitar” or that “I can’t breathe without you”. It just means that I’m being melodramatic and emotional. Plus I don’t even own an instrument.

And just because we spent all of Saturday together doesn’t mean you’re “mine” or “enchanted” to meet me. It probably just means we are friends and you like to spend time with me. And I’m just overthinking the situation.

And just because we have a slight history doesn’t mean I need to start thinking about “the story of us”. And if it ends badly with you that doesn’t mean “I knew you were trouble”. It probably just means I didn’t realise you would turn out to be such a dickhead.

And just because we met at a coffee shop in the middle of the week doesn’t mean that “on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.” It means that a cute boy smiled at me and I jumped to conclusions.

And just because I’m pining over you doesn’t mean that “what you’ve been looking for has been here the whole time” and that “you belong with me”. It means that you’re looking for something, but not for me.

And just because I slept next to you once doesn’t mean that “when the sun came up you were looking at me.” It means that I woke up drooling on my pillow three feet away from you.

And just because you picked me up at 6 doesn’t mean that “today was a fairy tale.” It means that you got out of work at a reasonable time for once, and it was convenient to grab me on your way home.

And just because there was a thunderstorm the last time you were in town doesn’t mean that “it rains in your bedroom, and everything is wrong.” It means that it literally rains so much in England anyway.

And just because I got butterflies during our first conversation doesn’t mean that “we met, and the sparks flew instantly.” It means that I was really interested in you (could even say “enchanted to meet you ” haha) and you were just like okay nice gal let’s move on with life.

And just because you have a pickup truck and listen to country doesn’t mean that you’re “a redneck, heartbreak who’s really bad at lying.” And it probably doesn’t mean “you’re just another picture to burn” either.

And just because I’m slightly annoyed at you doesn’t mean this is “the last time” I’m going to talk to you. Or that my life is “sad beautiful tragic”. I’m probably just having a bad day or being really angry and seeing “red”.

And just because I really wanted you in my life but you didn’t stay doesn’t mean I need to list all the reasons “how you get the girl” or that “all you had to do was stay”. Because maybe it just didn’t work out and maybe you didn’t want to stay. And just because “I wish you would” doesn’t mean you will.

Taylor Swift has always been the one person’s songs  I could listen to. And straight away relate to. And I love that about her songs. But I also feel like I need to calm down a bit with my interpretations and how I keep jumping to conclusions.


I will and will always love her songs.

Cleo xxx


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