44 things I’d like to say to my best friend

  1. I will never let us drift apart. You’re the best person I have in my life and I am not me when I am not around you.
  2. I will never, in a million years, let someone mess you around. I will personally attack them for you.
  3. I will never let you get a horrible haircut.
  4. I promise to always be very wary around your new love interests. I’ll be your greatest weapon if anything ever goes wrong with them.
  5. I will always hold your dress up while you wee or hold your hair back whilst you throw up. I will sit with you and laugh after you’ve been unconscious for an hour and everyone was about to ring an ambulance. (Love you Han.)
  6. Thank you for letting me talk about the same boy over and over. Thank you for always having something good to say back instead of just “shut the fuck up and move on”.
  7. So thank you for listening to me cry over that boy.
  8. And that girl.
  9. And that other boy over there.
  10. Thank you for telling me NO when I’m about to do something stupid.
  11. Thank you for still being there to pick up the pieces after I do said stupid thing.
  12. I’m glad we always have each other to ask advice about. (Even the less than PG things.)
  13. You know what I’m talking about.
  14. Hint hint: Those text messages.
  15. I will probably never stop texting you my cute outfits to see if they are actually cute or not.
  16. Distance won’t make a difference. You will always be a sister to me.
  17. I’ll always be your first Instagram like.
  18. Thank you post notifications.
  19. I’m glad that we could both be sad together (sounds weird) but I’m glad we could be there for each other.
  20. I am the greatest version of myself while laughing in the passenger seat of your car.
  21. You are gonna be my bridesmaid.
  22. So I better be one of yours.
  23. I vow to babysit your future babies. No matter how sticky their hands are.
  24. I will always bail you out of jail.
  25. But let’s be honest, it would be me in jail if anyone.
  26. I’ll always be your go to gal for quotes and deep conversations.
  27. When you look amazing (like always) I will constantly tell you.
  28. I will try my hardest to listen and be attentive when you need me even if I’m not in the mood to talk.
  29. I will not feel embarrassed in front of you because you know me better than anyone, and that’s enough not to care if I make a fool out of myself.
  30. I will not post unflattering pictures of you on the Internet and I’ll always consult you when I’m not sure. (Even if I really want to post the pic and you refuse to let me. Shock.)
  31. I promise you that you will always have me.
  32. And I hope I will always have you.
  33. Just to let you know, I know you hate your hair in a ponytail but it actually looks so good.
  34. I am so proud that you got that job you wanted.
  35. I am so proud of how well you handle everything (you know what I am referring to) even though I know you have times where you feel like the world is crashing down.
  36. I hope you know that I am 100% there for you and probably 110% there when the world is crashing down.
  37. I promise not to get too mad when you don’t reply fast enough over text.
  38. I will never forget our laughs.
  39. And tears.
  40. And chats.
  41. And deep conversations.
  42. And car journey’s which are basically karaoke.
  43. And when we got super giggly and I spat water all over the floor and you got hyper on lemonade.
  44. I will never forget you.

Love your Cleo xxx


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