Please look in the mirror and see the strong, beautiful, intelligent individual staring straight back at you. Do you see yourself? Do you see how strong you are for getting up this morning? Don’t you see how you are so much better than that stupid boy who tore your heart in to pieces and didn’t value you enough, let alone love you the way that you deserve?

I’m talking to myself and every girl (or boy) out there who has let someone walk all over them. Who has let someone completely take over their life. Who has become the top priority when ourselves should be our top priority. Who has broken our hearts. And I just want us to stop.

It’s time for us to stop and realise we deserve better than his games. Because we have spent too much time pretending that he deserves us. Pretending he doesn’t treat us badly. When he does. Pretending that what he does is enough. When it isn’t. Pretending he loves us like we love him. When he doesn’t.

Because there we are again. Laid in bed with our phone right next to us. We had a bad day and he knows it. So we wait for that “Are you okay?” text that never comes. When we know that if it was the other way around we would have sent it hours ago to him. We wait for that familiar glow of our mobile and pray it’s him. But it never is. Because right now isn’t convenient for him and he isn’t lonely enough to come crawling back to you yet.

And every time you feel strong enough to move away from him and run away as fast as you can. He seems to gain interest again. And you don’t want to move away from all the possibilities because he might treat you right this time. Or at least you hope so. But he never does. And it’s always the same games OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

And you deserve so much better. Please believe me. You truly do. We all do. And sometimes it just takes someone saying it to you to believe that you are enough and that you don’t have to stay hooked on someone who doesn’t treat you right. Because who can take their own advice?

When we try to give ourselves advice it never works. It’s like because we feel like we are meaningless to the person we love then at the same time we also become meaningless to ourselves.

And I think it’s about time I stopped seeing myself through his eyes and start seeing myself for who I really am. And not who he made me believe I was. Because I do deserve to be happy and loved even if he couldn’t bring either of those things in to my life for me.

If everything you did or do isn’t good enough for him. That doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It basically means that he is a dickhead. If he can’t treat you right then he isn’t good enough for you and you need to walk away.

Walk away. Forget about who he is replacing you with. Stop worrying about what people think about the situation. Don’t even think about who he’s sleeping with next.

Because please don’t. Don’t ever even spend one second caring about someone who spent no time caring about you. Please don’t waste your time thinking about a person who hasn’t taken any time out of their day to think about you.


Don’t wait for someone who isn’t willing to care about you as much as you care about them. Don’t wait for someone who has left you in the past. Don’t wait for someone even if they used to make you feel special. Because if they don’t make you feel happy anymore then you don’t need them in your life.

You are too good for him. Always will be.

If he keeps you waiting and guessing and stressing. Then he’s not worth it. Please take another look in that mirror and smile. Be proud of who you are today. Be proud of who you were in the past. Take a deep breath and move on.

Take care and try not to worry too much,

Cleo xxx


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