15 things to know about the Aries in your life

So you’ve got an Aries in your life? God have mercy on you. KIDDING. We are fantastic people to be around…I mean as long as you don’t get on the wrong side of us. But in all seriousness we will RAM you in to a wall with our love. (Haha. No seriously.) Anyway Aries are the most courageous and brave of the zodiac sign. Just to make that clear so we are on the same page. Or solar system. Whatever.

So now that’s out of the way, let’s get going.

1.We are fiery.

I mean come on, we are the fire sign so I don’t understand why people are surprised when we act fiery. I’ve been described as fiery my entire life, which after many years of thinking about it, I’ve realised is both a compliment and an insult. (I choose the former.) However on the good side, this means when we walk in to a room we bring a lot of energy. Always. And I mean this is mostly good energy but come on, it depends on what mood we are in. We are the people you want to invite to your party if you want that party to be way more fun. And..on the bad side we have a lightning quick temper. And we just can’t help it.

2.We are impulsive.

We feel things strongly and intensely. So when making decisions we are either completely indecisive or so impulsive it’s ridiculous. We kiss passionately but beware we also bring that passion in to arguments. We get mad real fast. When an Aries gets mad, don’t approach them. We aren’t afraid to hold back in a screaming match. We need time to process everything. But also we hate being ignored or left alone too long. Good luck with that balancing act. We might say things in the moment that we regret and all we can do is try to apologise afterwards because let’s be honest we will definitely regret what we say. Well for the most part anyway.

3.We have big hearts.

We are wonderful forgivers. We might need time but in the end we are very good at making amends. We give people plenty of chances. (Maybe too many?) We will make up with you over anything. I mean this could totally be seen as a weakness of Aries because we will always forgive. But don’t think for one second that we forget.

4.We are adventurous.

We are the life of the party. We are the one’s with the crazy plans and ideas. (We usually take things too far but it’s still funny.) We like to go to new places and we like to discover the unknown. We have a great sense of humour and a better sense of sarcasm. We will need you to tell us when we are going too far. We probably won’t listen but please stick around to help pick up the pieces afterwards.

5.We are protective.

We have that mama bear instinct built in from birth. We protect who and what we love. We take care of the things that matter to us. We are careful with people’s hearts. We handle everything around us with compassion. So if an Aries loves you and cares about you, you better believe that you’re lucky.

6.We are rebellious.

Aries love to break rules. We hate to answer to anyone. We will fight until we are blue in the face if someone tries to tell us what to do. (Let’s be honest we will fight over anything.) If you try to put an Aries in a box and all we will do is break out. Don’t give us a reason to rebel because it will only push us away instead of bringing us closer. Don’t make us fit into your idea of perfect or right. Because we don’t want to. Let us be and enjoy the magic.

7.We are independent.

Don’t get me wrong we love being around people. But when it comes to looking after ourselves, we have got used to doing it by ourselves. We get easily caught up in our own little bubble. We can’t help it.

8.We are deep thinkers.

We think too much but we always try to live in the moment too. We are great conversationalists. Your brain will always be impressed with what comes out of our mouths. Trust me. We are spectacular people. (Not to brag.) Aries bring a different perspective on things to life. We inspire you to think differently, to see things differently, to live differently.

9.We are delicate and tough at the same time.

We are sweet lovers. Hopeless romantics. We always seem to be chasing that fairy tale love story.  Our fiery nature makes us vulnerable to heartache but it also makes our core strong. We are not easily broken, we are not easily damaged, we are not easily destroyed. We always pick ourselves up afterwards.

10.We are aggressive.

We are aggressive at getting what we want, when we want and how we want it. Take it from me, I am so un-apologetically high maintenance. I can’t help it. But seriously please step aside and get out of our way. Best not to compete with us because you’ll probably lose.

11.We love hard.

We fall quickly (maybe too quickly sometimes???) and enthusiastically and we love with a deep passion. We love. When we’re in love with you, you will know it and feel it in the depths of your soul.

12.We are excited about life.

Sure we can be moody but we have a true passion for life. Honestly we get excited about everything. (Insert screechy noise to show excitement.) Especially cats and pizza.

13.We are loyal as fuck.

Don’t fuck with my friends. Don’t fuck with anyone I love. Don’t fuck with me. We can hold grudges for years, people. YEARS. And what we might lack in physical strength (they believe me I could drop kick the shit out of you if you betray me or my best friends) we definitely make it up in words. We will slay you with our quick responses and sass. The enemies of my friends are also my enemies, be forewarned.

14.We are assertive.

Woops. That’s just a nice way of saying we will say everything we want to, especially around people we know really well. We might lock it up around your parents or your boss because apparently “restraint” is a societal norm (who knew?) but understand that it’s so freaking difficult for us to not say how we feel. Best to step in and save us when we’re about to explode from polite-ness.

15.We have no patience.

Literally none. We want everything done yesterday and if we can bother to show up to a restaurant/movie/meeting then you better not be late. Even though I do apologise but I probably will be. Do not even get us started on the rage we feel sitting in traffic or in a grocery store line. It’s a physical ailment that has no treatment except cowbell and NOT MAKING US WAIT.


We are fierce and sassy and moody and independent and impatient. We are excitable and happy and nice to be around and loyal. We are Aries and proud.

PS. Good luck with your life with me I hope you enjoy it xxx

Take care and try not to worry too much,

Izzie xxx

2 thoughts on “15 things to know about the Aries in your life

  1. My mum is an aries and she is an arsehole. Kidding. I’v moved out so she’s only an asshole now 😀 She is all of the above for sure, kind hearted but woe bide anyone that gets on her wrong side! Really enjoyed your post 🙂

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