I don’t need you to save me but I would love it if you bought me pizza

So many people (I’m going to say people and not just girls because let’s be honest most people probably feel this way) are waiting for someone to save them. For someone to sweep them off their feet. To make their hearts race. To make them trust again. To make them forget about their shitty past. Someone who makes their world stop and is their soulmate. Someone who will essentially save them.

Well I guess I’m not like other girls. I don’t need someone to come and save me because I have spent so many years saving myself that I have grown used to it. I don’t need to be swept off my feet. And I can’t decide if that’s because I’m scared I will be left alone picking up the pieces again. Or if I legitimately can save myself. But when it comes down to it I don’t need saving. And to be quite honest I am way too busy for my world to stop anyway.

But. I am in no way saying I wouldn’t love to find love. But instead of the whole sweep me off my feet thing. Can’t you just take me out for some pizza or something? I honestly love pizza so??? Can we make an arrangement???

Like honestly I’m not looking to be saved but I am looking for a slice of pepperoni pizza. I have a lot of work to do and I’m hungry. I also haven’t been sleeping great and the thought of pizza is basically spiking my energy levels and I don’t even have any in my hand yet.

So look. If the idea of #relationship goals is your thing. I’m really in no place to take that away from you. The only thing I would like to take from you is a slice of pizza from the pizza box you should have in your hand.

All I want is pizza. And then more pizza. All the pizza. So much pizza that it could potentially kill me but I am always willing to take the risk.

So if you are looking to change my life and stop my world. Or to save me or be my soulmate. Or make me believe in fate and destiny and love. And all that jazz. Maybe another day.

Today I would settle for a pizza. And maybe some chicken with that.

It might not change my perspective on love and fate and the world. But it would change my day significantly for the better. And I can promise you that one.

So no, I don’t need you to sweep me off my feet and I don’t need to get butterflies every time I see you. I just need you to get me some pizza.

That would be saving my day and that’s honestly enough.


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