Saving yourself

“I think you can’t wait for someone to fly underneath you and save your life. I think you have to save yourself.”


I feel like this post is just going to write itself because of how passionate I am when it comes to being your own hero and being there for yourself.

Sometimes you have to be selfish and just make choices that make YOU happy. Sure it might upset the people around you but when it comes down to it; you can’t live life unhappy. I’ve spent far too long trying to make other people happy or putting other people’s choices first. But I am so done with putting other people before me when in reality I should only care about my own representation of myself. I should only care that I am happy with myself and how I am as a person. So (insert inspirational Taylor Swift lyric here) I am ready to embrace this new mindset.

Maybe I have spent too much time trying to make other people happy. And maybe I have spent too much time worrying about putting other people first. It’s now got to the point where I just need to save myself. First.

You can’t expect others to save you. It’ll just end up with you expecting a lot from people and then sometimes having these expectations not met. You’ll just be disappointed. Don’t let yourself become disappointed; if you want something do it yourself. Don’t expect people to be completely there for you even if you would for them. You can’t expect people to do things even if you think they should.

So save yourself. Wipe away your own tears. Motivate yourself. Pick yourself up. Be your own hero. Impress yourself. Love yourself.

You as a your own person can be your biggest supporter or your worst hater. If you love yourself then it’s going to be very hard for what other people say to affect you. You should be proud of who you are and you should support yourself. It’s up to you to care about yourself and ultimately do what you need to do to be happy.

So pick yourself up and ignore the people who are making you upset. Tidy your room, have a shower, wash your hair, paint your nails, read a book, take a walk, lie in bed, do your makeup, make some food. Do whatever makes you feel happy and what makes you feel better. Dress up for yourself. Makes yourself be proud of being you. Because you should be proud.

Maybe it’s someone who is making you feel bad or maybe you have just started to rely on people too much to help you when in reality you should help yourself. You need to start making decisions that benefit you. You’re the top priority because at the end of the day; it’s your life.

So block his number or her number and love yourself. You have to remember that some things just aren’t worth it. It gets to the point where it’s just not worth the pain and just not worth the tears and just not worth letting yourself be upset anymore. You should be your own main priority. It’s important to make sure you are happy before you try to make anyone else happy.

Put yourself first. Try to make everyday special. Treasure those who clearly show they care about you. Don’t settle for second best even if it’s someone close to you who is making you feel that way.

Love yourself first. Save yourself first.

Take care and try not to worry too much,

Cleo xxx


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