You should let someone treat you like shit


You should let someone treat you like shit. I’m being serious. I know. I know. It’s totally going to be emotionally scarring and traumatic. But trust me on this one; let someone treat you like shit.

Let your friends wonder what the hell you were thinking when you let this person in to your life. Let them tell you that you deserve better and then ignore them and continue being hurt anyway.

Find someone who never texts first and even when you text them, they reply after 15 hours or reply with ‘ok’. Find someone who lets you chase them and never actually puts any effort in at all. Find someone who will let you cry and be upset and then not actually try and comfort you. Find someone who opens your snap chats and blatantly ignores you. Find someone who makes you feel like your feelings aren’t valid.

Find someone who constantly makes you question if they actually like you or care about you because they never bother to tell you. Find someone who never makes you feel special and find someone who makes you feel completely replaceable in their lives.

Find someone who doesn’t want to hear about what makes you happy. Find someone who couldn’t care less that your favourite food is pizza and you like to watch Grey’s Anatomy on repeat for 16 hours. Find someone who never asks how your day was or what you want in life or what you really aspire to do in your life.

Find someone who doesn’t care about you. Find someone who literally treats you like SHIT.

Then talk to them, obsess over them, date them, kiss them, love them. Fall for them. Fall absolutely crazy in love with them. That sort of love that makes you blind to anything wrong that they do. Go on; I dare you. Fall for them.

Try to justify the way they treat you to everyone. Lie to yourself. Tell yourself they do care, they just don’t really show their emotions that much. Tell yourself everything is fine and that you’re happy. You are with someone you love, of course you’re happy.

Let yourself be destroyed by someone who was  NEVER worth your time anyway. Be completely devastated by the situation, by them, by what they have done to you. Question everything, wonder and stress about what you did to deserve this. Wonder what you did wrong. Wonder that if you were different, if you had been better then maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Maybe they would have loved you like you loved them. Blame yourself when you should be blaming them. Blame yourself for them treating you badly, for them treating you like shit.

But then.

Pick yourself up. Move on. Forget all about that person who let you completely fall apart without even thinking about it.

Wake up one morning and realise that you don’t hurt anymore. Sure they hurt you; but you don’t hurt anymore. The memories are there. Everything is still there. But you’re different. You’re stronger.

You should date someone who treats you like shit.

Because then after you date someone who treats you like shit. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DESERVE.

You deserve care and attention and someone who wants you to know how much they care about you and are willing to tell you that. Someone who wants to know about your life; past, present and future.

You’ll go from someone who ignores bad behaviour to someone who realises that they don’t have to stand for it. You’ll know what you want. You’ll know what you deserve.

You should be with someone who treats you like shit. Because after you do, you will know exactly how amazing you actually are. And how you actually deserve to be treated.

Just for one moment imagine letting one of your friends be treated badly. YOU WOULDN’T. You would either glare at that boy (or girl we are as bad or worse let’s be honest) so hard that if looks could kill, they would be incinerated.

So be your own friend, be your own hero. Don’t let someone do something to you that you wouldn’t let someone do to your best friend. Count on yourself and be there for yourself. Don’t sit around and wait for a knight in shining armour; because knowing your luck, you’re on your own babe. And you always love being alone and sleeping anyway so who’s winning there!

Take care and try not to worry too much,

Cleo xxx


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