Feelings that I can’t describe

“I wanna stay right here in this passenger’s seat. You put your eyes on me. In this moment now capture it, remember it.”

Hey guys,

Do you ever get those feelings that you just don’t have a word describe? But you just really FEEL. It’s important and you feel it, you just don’t have a word to describe what you’re feeling.

You could be driving in the car with a friend singing (screeching) along to your favourite song. Or glancing at that certain someone and seeing them smiling back at you. Or sat in your room alone at the end of a busy week. Or literally walking down the street with your family.

It’s that feeling that just takes over your whole being. It’s never the same feeling for every situation but every type of this feeling takes your breath away. I can’t describe it, even now when I’m writing this, I can’t describe it.

It’s like you pause for a second and just FEEL. You just want to take the moment, whatever moment it is, and pause. Stop, breathe, take note and then carry on. I wish I could have all of these moments written down, recorded in some way just so I can look back on them.

It’s weird that you can’t describe how you feel. It’s like you feel nothing and everything all at once. And then it’s all over. You try so hard not to get caught up in life that when these moments come along it truly does take your breath away.

Maybe it’s that you wish you could pause this moment and take it with you wherever you go or maybe it’s that you’re scared you will never be in this situation with this person in this mood again.

It’s intoxicating, it’s indescribable and it’s breathtaking.

There are so many moments I just want to capture. Take with me for another time. Pause. Stop. Breathe. Remember. But I know that’s not always possible. You can’t remember every moment even if you wish you could be stuck in it forever.

I want to remember everything. All the moments that make me smile so wide I feel like my face could snap in half or the moments that make me laugh until tears are falling down my face and smudging my eyeliner or the moments where I look in to someone’s eyes and feel the love and true friendship pass between us. I want to lock them away for safe keeping.

I want more of it. More moments, more fun, more laughter, more memories. I just want more and I want it to all slow down. I want more love and I want more laughter.

There are precious and breathtaking and absolutely life changing moments in everyday, every month, every year. Appreciate these moments until they join the endless memories you already have.

Take care and try not to worry too much,

Cleo xxx


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