10 things I wish I knew before starting sixth form


A levels are hard there is no doubt about that. However I feel like  I wouldn’t be in the position I am now if I had known a few things at the start of sixth form. I am technically re-doing my first year of sixth form (yes  I failed the year) and I am doing one subject in the second year and two in first year.

All in all I am sad about the fact that I will have to stay in sixth form to finish whilst the majority of my friends leave to either Uni or a job. However this isn’t going to be an emotional blog post about how much I love my friends and how much I’ll miss them (I’m sure there will be many of these)- it’s going to be about 10 things I wish I knew at the start of sixth form.

  1. Start as you mean to go on: You should always stay on top of work or else it all piles up and you feel like you’re drowning. My experience with getting behind did not end well and if I could turn back time then I will start work earlier and not leave revision until last minute.
  2. Use your free periods: As much as it’s nice to sit and chat to your best friends and eat it’s not nice to then have a shit ton of work to do when you get home. When you’re home you will 100% just want to get in to your dressing gown and eat food not have to sit and do hours of work you could have done if you had utilised your time!
  3. Set realistic goals: If you want to get specific pieces of work done make sure you actually do it. Don’t let yourself sit and do nothing if you need to get something done. Set a task and then do it. (Then you can go sit and talk and not feel guilty!!!)
  4. Don’t push yourself too hard: You might think you’re fine juggling 5 subjects, a part time job and a social life but then you’ll realise you’re probably not sleeping. It’ll get to the point where you’re a walking zombie and that is no way to do well in A levels. Know what you can handle and don’t drown yourself.
  5. Don’t forget to live: You might have a lot of work to do but it’s still okay to have fun. Go see a movie, have a sleepover, call your friends. Make sure you have some chill time or you will go totally insane.
  6. Try and stay healthy: Just because in sixth form you feel independent and have free periods does not mean you need to sit and eat in all of them. Unfortunately at my sixth form they have these chocolate covered flapjacks I am OBSESSED with but you don’t need to be eating treats everyday. (Make sure to treat yourself  though of course xxx)
  7. Sleep: Sleep is lovely and very helpful. Sixth form is a stressful place as it is- you do not need to be turning up after having no sleep the night before. It’ll probably end up with you stressed or you in tears. (Trust me I know).
  8. It’s hard: At some point, you’ve probably heard someone say “the jump between GCSE and A levels “. They weren’t lying.
  9. You’re all in the same boat: Lean on the people around you because they will most likely feel the exact same. You don’t need to feel stressed alone! It will help to vent and ask advice from the people around you.
  10. Don’t worry too much: If you spend too much time worrying then you won’t be able to concentrate and do the work. Just work hard and try your best that’s all you can really do.

A levels are hard but they are also a huge part of your life which will teach you so many things. You will become an adult and you will learn how to be an independent lovely human being. Don’t screw it up.

Take care and try not to worry too much,

Cleo xxx


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