A-Z on how to chill the f out

Hello again!

Now for this blog post I thought I would try to share my wisdom amongst anyone who is reading this. However please don’t quote me on any of this because if I’m honest nothing I ever do ends well and I have never been chill in my life. I am that person who is constantly high speed and rushing around or I’m asleep.

Sometimes you need to take a moment, breathe and chill out before you have a complete meltdown. Here are some things you could contemplate doing when you just really need to calm the f down:


Now before you start chugging down full bottles of vodka just try to imagine you in a blanket in bed with your favourite TV show on in the background and then a lovely glass of wine. (Please swap that wine for any beverage you would prefer! Oh and please be safe when drinking)


Sometimes you just need to breathe. Take a few deep breaths (do it now whilst you’re reading this) and allow yourself to just relax and enjoy the fact that you are alive.


I am a lover of cats and nothing will ever change that. There is just something about their tiny little paws and furry little bodies that will make a smile flash on my face as soon as  I see one.


Same again but for the dog lovers out there. Please just go and stroke a cat or dog and feel the stress melt away from you. (Please don’t steal anyone else’s pet).


I know. I know. Who wants to get in to exercise clothing and actually leave the house. NO ONE. However just running will really take your mind off whatever is stressing you out. (Cute exercise clothing is always a winner).


Do I really need to explain why food would help?

G=Grey’s Anatomy

My obsession with Grey’s Anatomy has got to the point where I say I’m going to watch one episode before bed and then it’s 3am on a school night again. Real talk though putting on your favourite TV show will definitely distract you.


Hugging is great. It’ll make you feel safe and secure and it’ll hopefully get take your mind off whatever is causing you to stress.


I know I’m a firm believer of feel what you feel and don’t suppress it but sometimes you just have to ignore whatever stupid thing or person is making you feel this way.


Fluffy jumpers. Baggy jumpers. New jumpers. Old jumpers. Just grab your favourite jumper and snuggle down with a good book and just become totally captivated.


It’s relaxing. Unless it’s a bad kiss then I’m sure you can laugh about it with your friends afterwards instead. If it’s good it makes you feel comfortable and close to that person. I mean until you regret it that is. (Regretting kissing someone you see all the time is an unbelievably painful experience!!!!)


Please take a moment to just laugh with your friends or your family or anyone. Laughing makes you feel good and feel happy even if it’s just for a few moments.


It’s like an unwritten rule that Mum’s make everything better. They find things you lose, they cook you amazing food, they do all your washing and they are always there for you even when you have a shitty attitude and you don’t deserve her. Make the most of it while you can.


It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to say no to someone or stay in when someone asks you to go out. Try and put yourself first and take your own thoughts in to consideration. Don’t stress about saying no to someone if you don’t want to do it. It’s your choice.


One of the best feelings is when you wake up with the sun shining through the curtains and you sit up and look around to see a TIDY room. It’s a really good idea to take a few minutes to tidy your desk or folders, make your bed, take any rubbish to the bin. A tidy room is a tidy mind. When you’re stressed if you can sit in a quiet tidy room it’s going to be a lot easier for you to chill.


Bring out the old photos and have a little reminisce of the good times or the bad times. It might make you insanely sad or make you miss those times. But you have to remember you will always be able to make new memories and looking at old photos will help you calm your mind and get ready to be excited for the future.


Quit obsessing. If you’re anything like me you will think of something and then not be able to get it out of your mind for the next week. I sit and I stress and I worry and I think. It’s exhausting. You need to concentrate on the here and the now!!!! Quit obsessing and try to live in the moment.


This is where your best friends come in. If you’re as lucky as me to have some of the best friends I could ever wish for then this is where you send 60 messages about how annoyed you are or how stressed you are or how happy are you. If they are anything like my friends they will offer advice or shout alongside with you. (Friends are the best and I don’t know where I would be without mine so sending love to them xxx)


Stop what you’re doing, get in bed and sleep. If you’re stressed then you probably haven’t had a lot of sleep. Sleep is important it helps you feel refreshed and relaxed and ready for the next day so it’s really essential that you get as much of it as possible!!! (No more late nights watching Grey’s Anatomy for me I promise).

T=Taylor Swift

One of my favourite things to do in the world is drive in the car with one of my close friends with Taylor Swift blaring in the background. Whether we are driving to school, home from school or whatever it’s always going to be one of my favourite times of the day. (I don’t want to think about when she goes off to Uni and leaves me because it makes me not want to leave my bed for a week). The way we both absentmindedly sing along to the songs we both know word for word is something I will always keep close to my heart and is something that has always been able to calm me down.


Understand the situation you’re in. How can you make it better? Is it even really worth being stressed over? Assess the situation. If you won’t be stressed about it in a month then it’s not worth worrying over.


Value what you have and who you have in your life. My best friends are my favourite people in the entire world (they know who they are). I wouldn’t be able to live without them and I hope they know how much I value them and how much they help to chill me out.


DRINK WATER!!! It’s always going to help cleanse you and make you feel overall better.


I mean it’s anxiety mediation. There are pros and cons but it could help.


When has sitting for hours watching random vlogs not helped calm and take your mind off things???

Z=Zone Out

Take a few minutes everyday whether it’s at the beginning of your day, in the middle or just before you sleep to assess what’s happening around you. Taking time to just breathe will really help you relax.

Now I really hope at least one of these gives you an idea on how to relax.

Take care and try not to worry too much,

Cleo xxx


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