I’m making a change…


Well for me this is slightly weird because I’m usually frantically typing my thoughts in to a word document that I save and then stumble across a few months after. This then usually leads to me re-living what I was inevitably ranting or crying about and therefore crying about it all over again.

I’m Cleo and I’m 17 and I’m totally denying the fact that soon enough I won’t be at school anymore. I have always made note of how I’m feeling due to how I struggle to keep my opinions to myself (yes this sometimes has major consequences). I’m hoping that making this blog will reduce the number of meltdowns I have because now I will have somewhere to express how I feel.

It’s usually inevitable for me to make plans to do something or make a good change in my life that I will then constantly avoid. I try to do my work on time or put more effort in to school work in general and I try to keep my room tidy, my diet healthy but it ALWAYS fails. I have a major love for pizza and nothing is going to change that. I’ve learnt to accept that I might be a mess but if I’m a mess with a cute notebook with to-do lists in it then it’s totally okay. (Please excuse how I can blatantly reassure myself with cute stationary).

So I’m making a change and I’m writing a blog and it’s all new and exciting and I’m not sure how I’ll handle it. Usually I’m an unorganised mess, totally caught up in my own stupid life that keeps me drowning in drama and homework. But for once in my life I’ve decided to step back and realise that just because I feel like I’m drowning sometimes- I’m not alone.

I guess I finally realised that as much as I hate how dramatic my life is sometimes; I really need to treasure these moments before they are just memories I will look back on.

Try not to spend too much time analysing your life. Stop trying to find yourself and just live. Take a moment everyday to just breathe and look around you. Start to appreciate what you have before it’s gone.

Take care and try not to worry too much,

Cleo xxx


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